About Future Of Well

Future of Well is a CBD specialist based out of Bristol, UK

Since December 2018 we’ve sought to bring you CBD products that work.

Based not only on the best science currently available but on our own customer feedback we made the decision to only sell ‘full spectrum’ CBD products.

We do this to take advantage of the ‘entourage effect’ so that you as a customer get to benefit from the full range of cannabinoids the plant has to offer along with the naturally occurring terpenes which give the oil its strong taste and smell.

To get the maximum benefit of the oil it is best used on a daily basis however we’ve found that can be really difficult for some people due to the cost of consuming the right amount of CBD.

This is where the idea for our subscription box was born.

What if we could give regular CBD users a month’s supply of CBD delivered directly to your door for a wholesale price?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Each subscription box contains 1200mg of full-spectrum CBD in three individual 400mg bottles which is a full recommended daily dose for every day of the month.

We do it like this to make it easier to spread your dosages throughout the month and the cost is less than half of what it would to buy the products on an individual basis.

This is makes the Future of Well subscription the most cost effective way to buy CBD on the market and that is something we are very proud of.

10% of our profits are donated to charity. We focus on mental health, disability support and sustainable agriculture practices however if there are any causes out there that you are particularly passionate about please get in contact and we will investigate.

Every month in your box you will get an update on the direct impact your support is having.

We have been fortunate enough to be recognized in the for our efforts thus far by the Enterprise Trust in the ‘2019 Next Generation awards’ and are being supported with mentorship and funding from the Virgin Start-up program. We also do our best to be active within the local community and are proud members of ‘Enterprise Nation’ and ‘Yena’.